Rapture, Blister, Burn

Directed by Sandra Bates, this 2013 Pulitzer Prize winning drama is both a summary of the feminist movement and a tri-generational story about the choices women make and the consequences of those choices.

Kathryn (Georgie Parker) and Don (Glenn Hazeldine) were university sweethearts until Kathryn’s room mate, Gwen (Anne Tenney), stole him and married him.  Many years later Kathryn is a successful academic, single, childless and travelling the world giving talks about her latest feminist publications.  Don and Gwen meanwhile live in suburbia with their two children with Don reaching only the mediocre local heights in his academic profession.  After Kathryn’s mother Alice (Diane Craig) suffers a heart attack in the same town that Don and Gwen live in, Kathryn returns to look after her mother and finds herself teaching a mini summer school class to Don and Gwen’s 21 year old babysitter Avery (Chloe Bayliss). Kathryn and Don’s passion is rekindled and Gwen decides there may be another life for her – or is there?

US playwright Gina Gionfriddo’s writing looks at the perpetually difficult issues of simultaneous career and family for women and places these issues right in the lounge room of discussion.! There is no judgment-just recognisable stories told in a very funny way.

On now at the Ensemble Theatre Kirribilli

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