La Soiree

For the past few years, Sydney siders have been enjoying the naughty night time spectacle in the round by Brett Haylock that is La Soiree. An eclectic band of entertainers over the years have included the memorable Bath Boy and Frodo the tennis racquet contortionist amongst others. So expectations are high for this years return. Sadly they are not met. This show just doesn’t have the sparkle and jaw dropping acts that previous shows have had. That said, there are still a number of performers that bring the va voom in occasional spots that you have come to expect. Spaniard via Croydon London, Ursula Martinez is a cheeky nude magician who hides a red hanky in all sorts of places you would not expect. Cabaret singer Sarah Ward channels Shirley Bassey with her deep voiced belting numbers including the memorable song about the affection needing to be shown to her pussy wussy. Ryan McCarthy works his way around a pole in a way that no one with normal abs (or complete lack thereof) has a hope in hell of doing. Jess Love’s skipathon and hula hoop routines are good but not as out of the box as they could be. The stand out was Melbourne comic Asher Treleaven who read from a Mills and Boon romance novel with appropriate sound effects and outrageously wonderful gestures and whose diavolo act was succinct and clever. Treleaven was a stand in for comedian Gerry Connolly who injured himself in the lead up to the show. A low point were the Chooky Dancers whose dance to Zorba the Greek was bewilderingly ordinary and seemed to be a tasteless parody on a Welcome to Country. Cabaret tables and general seating surround the pedestal-like stage or peer down from the balcony while you drink or eat through the show. Just don’t expect it to be as good as last years!

When and where: On now, 8pm, The Studio Opera House

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