On the shore of the wide world

Sometimes the most simple and ordinary stories can move you in an unexpected and astonishing way. UK playwright Simon Stephens introduces us to the Holmes family in Stockport, near Manchester. Parents Peter Holmes (Huw Higginson), a restorer of old buildings, his wife and childhood sweetheart Alice (Amanda Stephens-Lee) and their two teenage boys Alex (Graeme McRae) and Christopher (Alex Beauman). Life isn’t too bad – lots of football, a new feisty girlfriend Sarah (Lily Newbury-Freeman) for Alex, a reasonable amount of work for dad – you can’t complain. But this does not last. Peter’s father Charlie (Paul Bertram) is quietly drinking himself into the grave, tormenting and assaulting his wife Ellen (Kate Fitzpatrick). The younger son Christopher is hit by a car and the family struggles to come to terms with this terrible accident. For the next couple of hours you are right there, listening as the family tries to hold it together, in their intimate and authentic everyday conversations. An ordinary family hit by a typical tragedy now trying to hold it together but not able to provide each other with the solace each needs. This play holds your attention from beginning to end even though the story is just an everyday glimpse into a run of the mill family suffering their own misery and loss. Beautifully directed by Anthony Skuse, this is a cracker of a story from Griffin and a brilliant start to the 2014 season. Griffin Theatre

When and where: On now till February 1, 7pm evenings. Saturday 1 February 2pm as well as 7pm Nimrod Street Kings Cross

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