The Piper

The Piper – Review
Created by theatre group My Darling Patricia, this is a modern day retelling of the fairly frightening story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin but this is very clearly set in Australia with wry political references. The tidiest town of the year Hamelin, has a dirty little secret that its Mayor is trying to hide. Rampant consumerism has infected the once beautiful town and whilst you can get anything you want 24 hours a day in Hamelin, the town is heaving under its own mounting pile of garbage. None of the slick lines by the shiny smiled photogenic high fiving Mayor will get this town out of trouble. Hamelin may be own for business but it sure smells! Enter a huge bear – the modern aged Piper (inspired by a play former English Poet laureate Ted Hughes). The bear is clad in autumnal leaves and has a way to help the town- but will the Mayor agree to the deal struck by the bear?? Several members of the audience (who bought special onstage tickets) are specially fitted with headphones and become the good folk of Hamelin and have to work with the Mayor to find a way to rid Hamelin of its rotting waste. There are lots of traditional theatrical devices (such as the billowing silk cloth to form the water) that are used in this work but they do not seem cliched as they have been carefully finessed and re-imagined – and a new generation of captivated young theatregoers are seeing these devices for the first time. Everything has been thought of and there is lots of everything- clever sound effects and geometric sets, apt music, arresting video imagery at the back of the stage. This is an ecological morality tale with a beautiful theatrical feel. The plays concept is by Sam Routledge and is directed by Clare Britton and Halycon Macleod. Clare Grant is the voice of the bear and the bear is performed by Ghenoa Gela. Known for its puppetry, this is My Darling Patricia’s first venture into a children’s play (you may remember Africa and Posts in the Paddock) and they do it brilliantly. If you can get an onstage ticket- all the more fun! Great for kids 5- 10.

Tickets $35 adults and $20 kids. On stage tickets are $55 (1 adult and a child). 
When and where:  On now until 19 January at 11 am. 11 and 16 January at 2.30pm and 19 January at 4pm. 1 hour.

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