The Pride

Recording a voice message has never been funnier. Bruce (Brendan Ewing), the man about the house, brings his wife Linda (Adriane Daff) a new answering machine as a present and together they sing a cutesy couple message into the phone and then wait desperately for a call to have the message played. This is no usual couple – these are lions (wearing hot onesie lion costumes!). Director and devisor Zoe Pepper of Side Pony Productions was intrigued by the similarities between the behaviour of lions and humans and has set this play in Bruce and Linda’s den – where they are expecting some new cubs (although the disturbing opening scene showing Bruce wringing the necks of some baby cubs seems at odds with Bruce’s new fatherly joy). The domestic bliss is soon rocked by the arrival of new neighbour James (Russell Leonard), a young virile lion keen to help out his neighbours with their renovations. Handier than Bruce, he sets about wallpapering the lounge room, to Linda’s delight as Bruce has been faffing about with the renovations for ages and Linda’s sisters Louise and Miranda are due to arrive and where will they sleep! Bruce’s pride won’t let him acknowledge the help that James can give and the inevitable showdown ensues. There is funny and witty dialogue but it could do with a bit of a boy prune and sharpening up towards the obvious ending. The all singing all dancing lion trio with dark shades and all the right grooves is a crack up!

When and where: Evenings at 8pm till 5 April at Bondi Pavilion

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