Cruise Control

A new type of Love Boat! David Williamson’s latest play takes three couples NY Jewish couple dentist Sol and socialite Sally Wassermann (Henri Szeps and Kate Fitzpatrick), pompous British duo Richard and Fiona Manton (Felix Williamson and Michelle Doake) and wealthy but bogan Aussie couple Darren and Imogen Brodie (Peter Phelps and Helen Dallimore) – and throws them together on a cruise that is not stopping anywhere. Forced to have dinner with each other every night for 7 nights, the initial pleasantries between the couples soon wear off and sexually predatory behaviour starts. The couples marriages are under the microscope and who is trying to sleep with whom. A series of one liners flow from the characters and the amorous advances of Richard Manton are just a “classy type of slither” and Sol Wassermann has penned a “dental thriller” which editor Fiona Manton is forced to read. Most of the action is around the dinner table and in respective cabins. The characters are mostly caricature in nature but the story rides the waves and is sad and funny in equal doses. Singing waiter Charlie (Kenneth Moraleda) reminds the audience that this is a cruise of the haves – and he is a have not, with his family in the Phillipines whom he sees for only 2 months a year. Directed and written by David Williamson, it may not be as slick as it could be but it is an amusing story with lots of LOL moments. Just over 2 hours with an interval, the plays steers a steady course to an unsurprising but fair ending.

Ensemble Theatre Kirribilli. On till 14 June

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