Eight Gigabytes of Hard Core Pornography

Don’t be concerned about the title. It refers to the workplace misdemeanour that lands the character of Steve Rodgers (He) out of a job for downloading. Driving this very open and raw play by Declan Greene is the incredibly strong desire for human connection in all of us. Two broken and flawed people meet through an internet dating site. Fat, ugly, old and stupid is how they feel about themselves. Neither is particulary redeeming in any way- they are just ordinary people in the workplace with sad lives. He is in a loveless marriage unable to communciate with his wife and in a dead end job. She is a single mother working double shifts as a nurse to pay off her credit cards but spending more than she will ever bring in and dodging the bill collectors. Somehow they connect and find a moment of desire and love. Fleeting as it may be, it is a moment of human connection that sustains them. Superbly directed by Lee Lewis, this is yet again another rivetting Australian story by Griffin Theatre. Tickets $49 /$38 On till 14 June SBW Stables Theatre 10 Nimrod Street Kings Cross

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