What might have been or what could have been – this play is a series of conversations between Roland (Sam O’Sullivan) and Marianne (Emma Palmer) as they meet, fall in love, separate, stay together and contemplate the possible death of one them. Their conversations are repeated and replayed in each scene, sometimes with the roles reversed, all in a choose your adventure style and each time with a different ending. Marianne is a physicist fascinated by string theory, quantum physics and the whole of the “multiverse”, where there are seemingly endless permutations. Sam is a beekeeper making organic honey on the rooftop of a city apartment block. Their universe creates myriad of options as to how their lives may or may not turn out. Like Sliding Doors, each scene folds in on itself, presenting a new fork in their life together. At certain moments it can be intensely irritating but that seamlessly evaporates as you are reminded of the fragility of life, the luck of circumstances and the random happiness that can occur. Simple and elegant direction by Anthony Skuse allows the complex script by Nick Payne, riddled with variations and rewrites of life, to be at the heart of this work. At just under 80 minutes, this is like a beautiful yet complicated equation with recurring variations and poignancy.
Eternity Playhouse Burton Street Darlinghurst

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