Summertime in the Garden of Eden

The first thing that hits you about this play is the incredible set designed by Marg Horwell.  A lush and fragrant looking parlour, flowers adorning walls and ceilings and a snowy white carpet of… cotton balls!.  You have arrived at Fairweather, a huge plantation homestead owned by Big Daddy (Bessie Holland).  Larger than life, Big Daddy hosts a party for the return of his prodigal daughter, Honey Sue (Olympia Bukkakis) who ran away on her 16th birthday.  Her younger sister Daisy May (Agent Cleave) is engaged to be married to Clive (Peter Paltos) and is looking forward to her sister’s return.  Yes you think, this is all lovely and romantic …  except this is a high camp spoof where the roles of Honey Sue and Daisy May are played by men wearing fabulous Southern Belle dresses and you get the distinct feeling that you’re in a story that is a cross between a Brazilian soap opera, Gone with the Wind and Little Britain! (Or a very good advertisement for Movember).

This is a production by the Sisters Grimm with words by Ash Flanders and Declan Greene.  At just over an hour it is enough to keep you laughing and slightly gob-struck.

When and where:  On now at Griffin Theatre, Nimrod Street, Kings Cross.