Waiting for Godot

A stark stage with a leaf less tree – the park where Vladimir (Hugo Weaving) and Estragon (Richard Roxburgh) pass the time waiting for their so called acquaintance Godot to make an appearance.  A chat between friends about nothing much, just two unkempt vagrants meandering through life and not a lot happens until Pozzo (Philip Quast) and Lucky (Luke Mullins) arrive.  A huge presence, Pozzo entertains Vladimir and Estragon with a bizarre existentialist conversation whilst Lucky, looking very much like Lord Malfoy, is intermittently beaten, whipped and poked.

The extraordinary thing in this play is the humour – Vladimir and Estragon are clowns, old friends mucking around.  Their invisibility and meagre importance is highlighted causing them some despair.  Andrew Upton directs the superb acting in this piece after an early departure of Hungarian director Tamas Ascher.  For a bleak play it is quite astonishing how light hearted and uplifting it can be – even though bugger all really happens!.  3 hours with a 20 minute interval.

When and where: Sydney Theatre Company. Hickson Road Walsh Bay. On now.